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Sole Owner and Creator--William H. Clark

Spring - the harvest has been finished. The success of the coming years wine will depend on the work that is done crushing the grapes and storing them in barrels and tanks. As the wine matures it is carefully monitored almost daily to insure that it reaches the peak of flavor and taste that create a perfect wine,which in many cases will take one or more years to mature.

Make sure that you check the "Newly Listed Wineries" list linked above on the right. All newly listed wineries are listed here, with direct links to their websites. And each winery is also listed in both the Alphabetical and Regional sections.

Keep in mind two areas that are great for wine tasting. The Sierra Foothills, which is East of Sacramento and in the South part of the State, just North of San Diego, the Temecula area. These two areas make a nice change from the Napa and Sonoma areas and they have some very nice properties and excellent wines of all types. Enjoy. I have just done a complete revision of the "Links We Like" section. You are missing one of the best features on the Mall if you have not visitied it recently. There are over 300 interesting and useful linked websites in 16 different categories. Virtually everyone can find one or more that they can use, and there are a lot listed that you won't find anywhere else. It continues to be a non-commercial links section with no affiliate type websites.

Did you know that California produces over 90% of all of the wine consumed in the United States annually? And that the 35 largest wineries produce over 85% of all of the wine produced in the State each year. The remaining percentage is produced by more than 2,200 smaller producers, most of whom make 2,000 cases, or less, each year.

On June 28th, 2002, USA TODAY honored us by listing us in their full section devoted to U.S. wineries in the 50 states as the recommended directory to contact for locating California Wineries with websites.

To navigate the Mall, simply click on the blocks on the left or use the links at the bottom of each page to reach the sections that you want. If you are looking for a particular Varietal, I also have links to most of the prominent ones with direct links to the producers.

Notice our footer links on the bottom of each winery's page. Clicking on this footer link brings you directly back to the last section that you were on, at the Mall.

Make sure to visit us regularly as new wineries and new listings are being added almost daily.

Bill Clark, Owner / Developer
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California Wineries Mall is a private, commercial website. Listing on the Mall is by invitation only.

Thank you.

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